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Marc Staal takes puck to the eye against the Philadelphia Flyers

This was a very scary moment during the Philadelphia Flyers-New York Rangers game.  You know someone is hurt badly when your rival starts calling to your bench for a trainer.  Marc Staal was writhing around on the ground in very obvious pain, and the damage done is unclear at the moment.

With 14:15 minutes left in the third period, Flyers defensemen Kimmo Timonen let this bomb go that was deflected by Jakub Voracek and then hit Staal directly on the eye.  I really hope he is going to be okay, but with the concussion history of Staal and where it hit him, I’m not sure what is going to come of this.  This incident will undoubtedly bring up the discussion of whether visors should be mandatory, and after seeing this, I think they should be.  Staal had no time to react, and losing an eye would be devastating to your hockey career to say the least.  I know they’re uncomfortable and guys aren’t used to them but 70% of current NHL players wear visors, why not make it 100%?


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