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Australian library takes a hysterical shot at Lance Armstrong

Some people might still be willing to support Lance Armstrong, but those that are in charge of the Manly Library in New South Wales, Australia, most definitely do not.

Holly Byrnes, a national TV writer for News Limited, sent out this photo via Twitter yesterday and it is fantastic.

Now that Lance Armstrong came clean on Oprah Winfrey, there will be people inclined to forgive him, but this library is doing their part to remind everyone of how much of a fraud he is.  Armstrong filed lawsuits against people that said he doped, and vehemently denied it for years.  He tried to ruin the lives of the people that tried to out him as a cheater, and this should not be forgotten.  These books recounting his life and glorifying his achievements are completely fabricated and putting them in the fiction section is the proper way to treat them.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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