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Joe Flacco and Jacoby Jones connect on 70 yard bomb with 41 seconds left

I honestly can’t believe that this happened.  The Denver Broncos secondary has given up three huge touchdown receptions to receivers, but none more devastating than this one.  Rahim Moore mistimed his jump brutally and Jacoby Jones had a free look at the ball and then simply walked into the end zone.  Joe Flacco did a fantastic job avoiding pressure and then unleashed his rocket arm and dropped an absolute dime to tie the score up at 35 and send the game to overtime.  John Fox and Jack Del Rio might want to take a long hard look at their secondary for the future.  At least no one can say that this game wasn’t exciting.

After the Broncos were unable to run out the clock, they punted the ball and pinned the Ravens deep in their own territory.  This miraculous play tied the game, and after an interception in overtime, the Ravens managed to escape Mile Hile Stadium in double overtime, 38-35.

Video via: Business Insider

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