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Robert Griffin III will need full reconstructive knee surgery for torn ACL and LCL

At 1:00 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, ESPN insider Chris Mortensen reported some very concerning news for Washington Redskins fans.  Rookie sensation Robert Griffin III is scheduled to undergo full reconstructive knee surgery for a torn ACL and LCL in his right knee on Wednesday morning.

While 6-8 months recovery time means that RG3 will be ready for the Redskins season opener next year.  You have to wonder about his long-time durability.  He tore his right ACL in 2009, and has torn it again now.  Mike Shanahan will have to be more careful with his play calling and rely less on RG3’s legs, and RG3 will have to be more conscious about sliding and avoiding unnecessary hits in the future.

Because of the severity of this injury, Shanahan will continue to be questioned for his decision to let RG3 keep playing against the Seattle Seahawks.  It is impossible to know whether or not RG3 will return to form after sustaining this injury, not everyone is Adrian Peterson.

It will also be interesting to see if it is ever mentioned when exactly this injury occurred, week 14 against the Ravens or in the playoffs.  You can guarantee that FedEx Field will be getting a new set of turf after two ACLs were torn during the playoff game (one by Seahawks DE Chris Clemons).  This is a nightmare scenario for the Redskins, and hopefully RG3 can make a full recovery.

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