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Jeremy Lin Skypes With Knicks Heartbroken 5 Year Old Fan

Five year old Naim was devastated when the Knicks decided not to match the Houston Rockets offer of four years, $28.9 million to Jeremy Lin. His father shared a video of Naim back in July having a break-down that has over 30K views.

When Jeremy, who is currently vacationing in his parents’ native Taiwain, heard about the video, he reached out to the family and scheduled a skype session with the young fan.

I hope they keep in touch and that Naim feels better about losing his hero. His relief should last until the Knicks’ season starts with Raymond Felton in Lin’s position, at which point he may need another meltdown.

Here is the original video of Naim’s breakdown.

HT: IamaGM

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