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Liam Neeson’s less than spectacular Sportscenter debut

Liam Neeson has become extremely popular over the years for his amazing action-packed movies and one of a kind fight scenes.  After his recent appearance on Sportscenter, it is safe to say that he is best off beating the crap out of bad guys, and not talking about sports.

When you watch the video, it is very clear that he was not prepped for what he was going to have to talk about, and to make matters worse, nobody seemed to inform him that they were on live television, resulting in an “Oh S***” from Neeson.  Why they decided to ask Neeson about the Jets and Tim Tebow is beyond me, and it gets even worse when he says he doesn’t even understand the rules of football.  This interview, simply put, was a train wreck.

H/T: The Big Lead

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