Mark Cuban tells CLNS Radio that the NHL Lockout is a "clusterf***" -
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Mark Cuban tells CLNS Radio that the NHL Lockout is a “clusterf***”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was asked about the NHL Lockout and how he would describe the disagreement. The question was asked largely because the NBA was locked out for part of last year and Cuban had been though a similar ordeal.

Cuban described the lockout as a Civil War, saying that the Southern hockey teams were losing money and were driving the lockout and that the Northern teams were making money and content with the status-quo.  Oddly enough he was 100% correct on this statement.

Then Cuban talks about how the owners could have fixed their problems during the last lockout, and how they need to fix their problems now.  He said that they should be embarrassed for not having it fixed and that doing a last minute deal to save the season is not the way to solve the problems or create a good CBA; topping it off by calling it a “clusterf***.”

I have to say that I love what Cuban had to say here.  He didn’t try to get involved and act like he knew the particulars of the disagreement, but he did a damn good job of calling the NHL out on their problems.  He knows that the owners and players are killing the league by not having a deal, so why don’t the NHL owners and players know this?

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