Michael Vick confirms that he owns a dog -
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Michael Vick confirms that he owns a dog

After a few days of speculation after Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick accidentally tweeted the photo below with a milk bone box in it, Vick has finally come out and admitted to owning a dog.

He made the statement official on his Facebook page, much to many people’s chagrin.  I personally don’t care if Vick owns a dog, and I think that Eagles fans should be far more concerned with his recent play than if he owns a dog or not.  I also think that he spent far too much time in a Federal Prison for what he did, and has more than made up for what he has done at this point.

He only owns the dog because his kids wanted one so badly, and I would be willing to bet after the hell he went through, that he would never harm a hair on that dog’s body.  The only question that I have, is would he have admitted to having a dog if he hadn’t accidentally tweeted that picture?  He took it down and put up a new tweet as soon as he could, but with social media’s popularity it was too late.

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