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Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Calls Out Anonymous GM

Again, the Detroit Lions have been called out by this so-called anonymous GM.  A few weeks ago he called their defensive line completely overrated and took some shots at a few specific players in a Pro Football Weekly article.  Lions center Dominic Raiola responded to the claims calling him a coward, and it seemed to be the end of it.

Unfortunately that was not the case.  The anonymous GM fired back on Tuesday, in another Pro Football Weekly article, calling Raiola a fraud.  And after practice on Wednesday, a plethora of media members gathered around Raiola’s locker and waited for his response, and I don’t think they were disappointed.

According to CBS Detroit, Raiola said, “I’m not going to spend too much time on this because we have a big game this weekend.  Whoever is talking (expletive) and then the person who wrote it at Pro Football Weekly are cowards, gutless, ball-less and anonymous. All I have to say is (expletive) you. That’s it. Now we move on to Minnesota . Now if I spend any more time on it that’s what he wants so (expletive) him and (expletive) both of them. That’s all I got.”

But of course, that wasn’t all he had to say about the matter.  “If you are his family how do you even call this guy the man of your house? Gutless, (expletive) you know what I’m saying” asked Raiola.

Raiola is a very passionate guy, and you know his teammates will back him up.  Center’s are typically some of the meanest and angriest guys on the football team, and I’m not sure the benefit of trying to fire him up.  Sure it could be to try and distract him, but Raiola is mature enough that he’s not going to spend time worrying about what some anonymous GM thinks.  For all anyone knows, this could be the writer at Pro Football Weekly pulling a Stephen Glass and just making up articles and quotes to get stories that produce a lot of page hits.

Whatever the case, I stand with Raiola.  Not merely because I’m a Lions fan, but because I believe if you’re going to criticize someone, you shouldn’t hide behind anonymity.

H/T: CBS Detroit

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