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Mike Eruzione selling ‘Miracle on Ice’ Memorabilia, including jersey from USSR game

In this day and age many athletes sell their sports memorabilia because they are in debt and have to find a way to pay it off.  This, fortunately, is not the case for USA Hockey legend Mike Eruzione.  Eruzione says that he wants to help his grandchildren get through college, and he thinks that this would be a nice way to raise money.

Let’s clarify something here, there is a lot of impressive sports memorabilia, but hardly anything could compare to a game-worn jersey from the “Miracle on Ice,” let alone the jersey of the 1980 USA Olympic Captain Mike Eruzione.  Eruzione scored the game-winning goal over the Soviet Union, and that is the reason that the expected auction price for his game-worn jersey is $1 Million.

Along with his jersey, he is selling his stick that he used to score the game-winning goal, and his blue USA Hockey jersey that he wore against Finland in the Gold Medal game.  The stick should “only” sell for about $100,000, and the blue jersey should go for about $200,000.

I personally could never imagine selling any of these priceless pieces of sports memorabilia, but then again, I’m more of a nostalgic person.  You have to commend Eruzione for doing this for his grandkids future.  He has truly been a stand-up guy throughout his whole life.

Via: NESN.com

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