Semi Celebration- Michigan 67 Illinois 65 -
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Semi Celebration- Michigan 67 Illinois 65

“MICH is  my friend. And they are a good friend. No matter what, they show up on the weekend to meet all the friends, whether they like it or not. They can’t ever stop being there, no matter how many people walk away in disgust over their life decisions and increasingly erratic behavior. Let us be completely honest – no matter how much you love MICH, the past few weeks have been like watching a friend go on an epic month long bender that will eventually cost them their job, their family, their lives.” Wolverine Liberation Army

luck- We’ve all heard the saying, but sometimes it really is better being lucky than good. I can remember all the times I haven’t put lucky and  the maize and blue in the same sentence(Crable against OSU). Saturday, Michigan caught the lucky break. In the second overtime, Tate Forcier dropped back to pass and threw to a well covered Junior Hemmingway and miraculously  the ball fell into the hands of Hemmingways.  This play could have easily been the end of the game and the end of coach Rich Rod’s Michigan coaching life.

Defense– If you watched the defense struggle against giving up 41 to Penn State, 38 to Iowa, and 34 to MSU, 65 against Illinois would seem to be very-very-very bad. That wasn’t the case, and I  bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the defense actually played well. They forced 4 three and outs, probably more than Iowa, MSU, Penn State combined, 6 punts, 4 field goal attempts, and a turnover.

Win at all costs- Quarterback,  Denard Robinson, who has the weight of school on his shoulders, was pulled from the Illinois game by head coach Rich Rodriguez because of possible concussion symptoms. As reported, he was “dizzy and a little heachdache and for his safety, we’re not going to put him back in.”  I’m sure Rodriguez didn’t want his coaching tenure on the shoulders of Tate Forcier’s, who fumbled on his first throw, but taking the safe route, and sitting someone for concussion symptoms deserves a lot of praise. I’m glad Forcier was able to pull the victory out for Michigan, because I want Rodriguez to stick around and especially hearing these type of decisions. Here is a quote from Maize n Brew “Denard may not have a concussion, but keeping him off the field after taking one hard hit to the head certainly reduced his risk of having something terrible happen if it were to happen again (as a Cowboy fan, I remember all to well the litany of concussions that spelled the end of the Troy Aikman era). Coach Rodriguez put the wellbeing of his player over his job, something I’m fairly pessimistic about most other coaches doing in a similar situation. Congratulations on the win, coach.  And congratulations for doing the right thing as well.  I hope you win it all next year.”

If your a Michigan fan, enjoy the win and being bowl eligible for the first time under Rodriguez.

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