Penn State QB Matt McGloin's conspiracy theory regarding the fumble call against Nebraska -
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Penn State QB Matt McGloin’s conspiracy theory regarding the fumble call against Nebraska

Penn State QB Matt McGloin was fuming after the game against Nebraska, where a fumble call blew their chances of upsetting Nebraska.  He told the Centre Daily Times this, “We’re not going to get that call here.  We’re not going to get the call ever, actually, against any team. It doesn’t matter who the refs are.”

But McGloin wasn’t finished.  When he was asked to clarify his comments he said, “Write what you think. Next question.” And then continued with another rant stating that, “It’s us against the world and we’re not going to get those calls in these types of games.  It looked to me and everyone else like he got across. I guess they saw something else.”

It wasn’t just McGloin who thought it should be a touchdown though, Penn State Head Coach Bill O’Brien thought the ball broke the goal line as well, but O’Brien made sure to clarify that he didn’t think that anyone was out to get them.

It’s interesting to see that McGloin wasn’t made available for the media this week, and you have to wonder if he has developed his theory more.

Whether it was a conspiracy or not is definitely unclear, but you have to wonder what replays the officials were looking at during the video review.  Based on all of the video I have seen, this was clearly a touchdown.  Perhaps this was just a case of bad refereeing, it would not have been the first time that horrible officiating cost a team a football game.

Take a look at the video, what do you think was the correct call?

H/T: Centre Daily Times

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