Former Buckeye Star Has Hot Take For Why Michigan Got Alabama In Playoffs
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Former Buckeye Star Has Hot Take For Why Michigan Got Alabama In Playoffs

Former Buckeye RB Maurice Clarett with a hot take regarding the upcoming Michigan vs. Alabama CFB Playoff matchup:

Clarett seems to be indicating the CFB Playoff committee matched Michigan with Alabama with the hopes of getting the Wolverines knocked out:

Here’s another legitimate point of view. Could letting Bama in be the College Football Committees way of making Harbaugh walk the plank in hopes that he gets beat and doesn’t win a championship. It’s obvious that FSU would be an easier path but Bama is dangerous right now and this could be their way of trying to eliminate Michigan with all that’s gone on? There’s lots of underhanded variables that people consider when making significant decisions.

Also Clarett praises Harbaugh for his stance on revenue sharing:


Happy Monday….I took down my post yesterday about this because sometimes it’s better to see a video than to read words on a screen. This is another reason why they want to muffle Harbaugh. He’s advocating for the players that make the system what it is. He wants kids to share in the revenue that they help to generate. This isn’t the conversation that anyone in collegiate sports want to hear. Kids aren’t aware of what all of the system entails economically and they dont know all of the moving parts. Harbaugh understands and he can help to champion the cause while educating kids who wouldn’t necessarily have the experiences or resources to “get it”. This statement should make him a hero to all future, current and former players. All you have to do is ask yourself “would my coach ever advocate for us like this, has my coach ever advocated for me like this and what would make someone take a stand like this?”

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