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Bribing With Bagels: NCAA to provide student-athletes with spread

Stores that sell bagel spread, as well as bagels, will be jumping with joy with the recent news from the NCAA. According to the NCAA proposed legislation for 2011-2012, players will be able to receive bagels and the spread (butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly) from individuals and institutions. The rule will be voted on by the Board of Directors meeting this year, possibly going into effect next summer. Though bagels are loved by all I can only wonder how many Jewish football players there are.


Intent: To permit an institution to provide bagel spreads (e.g., butter, peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese) with bagels it may provide to a student-athlete at any time.
Bylaws: Amend 16.5.2, as follows:
16.5.2 Permissible. Identified housing and meal benefits incidental to a student’s participation in  intercollegiate athletics that may be financed by the institution are:
[16.5.2-(a) through 16.5.2-(g) unchanged.] (h) Fruit, Nuts and Bagels. An institution may provide fruit, nuts and bagels  [including bagel spreads (e.g., butter, peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese)] to a student-athlete at any time.
Effective Date:  August 1, 2012
Category: Amendment
Topical Area: Awards, Benefits and Expenses
Rationale: Beginning with the 2009-10 academic year, institutions have been permitted to provide fruit, nuts and bagels to student-athletes at any time. This proposal seeks to make a reasonable accommodation in allowing an institution to provide traditional bagel spreads to student-athletes in conjunction with the bagels it is already permitted to provide.
Estimated Budget Impact: Will vary by amounts and types of spreads provided.

Impact on Student-Athlete’s Time (Academic and/or Athletics): None.

Why can’t the NCAA address the real problems like those recently exposed at Miami, instead of picking a fly off an elephants butt?

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