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Car Wash leads to NCAA Violation in West Coast Conference

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We have a new winner for most absurd rule currently enforced by the NCAA.  It used to be that the worst rule was that athletes were not allowed to be served cream cheese with their bagels at breakfast, but that was changed a few years ago.  Now, we have a new winner for most insane/absurd/ridiculous rule that has resulted in an NCAA violation.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A school in the West Coast Conference committed an NCAA violation according to University of Portland Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Reveno because a student-athlete used university water to wash their car.

This is just sad.  The NCAA is getting completely ridiculous with the things they worry about.  They have such a problem enforcing the important rules and this is the type of stuff they choose to enforce?  Give me a break.

Blogger Marc Isenberg made a fantastic point, it’s not an NCAA violation for the athletes to use the water to wash themselves or to drink, but it is to wash their cars.  What a joke.

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