Mike Milbury shreds Alexander Ovechkin and his effort -
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Mike Milbury shreds Alexander Ovechkin and his effort

I’m not a Mike Milbury fan, not even a little bit.  He was a completely incompetent General Manager with the New York Islanders and so it is tough to take him seriously, but he in this instance he is 100% right.  Alexander Ovechkin looked terrible last night, and was playing very lackadaisical hockey in his own zone and showed little effort at any point.  As Milbury said for your captain to be doing this, especially one making as much money as Ovechkin, is embarrassing.  Milbury referred to him as a baby and said that players with great talent have great expectations and responsibilities, and he’s not wrong.  My favorite part though was when he invented a word, calling Ovechkin’s performance “inacceptable.”

Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski summed it up pretty well:

Pretty soon it could be back to the drawing board for the Washington Capitals.


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