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Outdoor Hockey Game In Croatia Played In Roman Amphitheatre

Outdoor hockey games have certainly become a new fad.  After the original Cold War between Michigan and Michigan State gained so much attention, and after the success of the Winter Classic for the NHL, it has become a huge trend.  Sometimes it gets a little out of hand, but this is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

There are two games that will be played here, with a capacity crowd of about 7,022.  The teams that will be involved are: Austrian-based EBEL league’s Croatian hosts Medvescak Zagreb faces off against Olimpija Ljubljana and the Vienna Capitals.  Playing outside in a Roman amphitheatre makes this one of the most rare and unique outdoor hockey games to ever be played.  And while it won’t break any attendance records, it will break a record for oldest facility used to play hockey.  The only issue I foresee is some serious problems with the ice.  The game is being hosted in Pula, Croatia, and the forecast for the day there was a low of 61 degrees.

Having played in an outdoor game myself, it is bar none the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do as a player, and no matter how bad the ice gets, it is something you will remember forever.

Photo Credit to IIHF

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