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Don Cherry calls out Canada’s foreign aid to Haiti


CBC analyst Don Cherry has always been a polarizing figure known for his extremist positions and for virtually hating anyone that isn’t Canadian.  He’s known for attacking players, executives and pretty much anything he feels like during his Coaches Corner segment on CBC.  Since joining Twitter he’s voiced even more of these opinions, with his most recent rant landing on Canada giving money to Haiti.

These comments are in response to Canada’s Minister of International Cooperation Julian Fantino saying that Canada would stop giving money to Haiti, except for on their current projects.  Whether you agree with that or not is completely up for you to decide, and Cherry obviously felt it was important enough to chime in.

It’s a sensitive debate and given what has gone on in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake shouldn’t be taken lightly.  So leave it to Cherry to bust in and give out his blunt, unsolicited opinion.  Thankfully the lockout is over and hockey will begin again on January 19th, so Cherry can focus on discussing hockey and leave the politics to other people.

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