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Artem Anisimov stretchered off after freak injury against Red Wings

Watching this play was pretty scary and pretty bizarre.  At first it wasn’t exactly clear how Columbus Blue Jackets forward Artem Anisimov had been hurt, but upon seeing the replay, you could see how dangerous the play ended up being.

Anisimov was trying to cut around the net when he lost his balance, Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey was trying to reposition himself and Anisimov ran into him.  Anisimov’s head bounced off the ice, and then Quincey fell elbow first directly onto his head.

Anisimov was not moving on the ice and was eventually stretchered off by medical personnel.

All signs point to Anisimov being okay, which is very good given how horrible it looked.   Quincey meanwhile, rolled his ankle on the play and it is unclear how long he will be out for.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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