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Randy Moss introduces school as “Rand University” during SNF (Video)

It’s nothing new for NFL players to have funny introductions during Sunday and Monday Night Football. Instead of the typical ” Santana Moss, Da U,” players often go with an introduction that is a lot more memorable.

For example, Nate Burleson introduced his elementary school, Jared Allen, ‘culinary academy,’ Ike Taylor, ‘swaggin and Terrell Suggs ‘ball so hard university.’

During the Lions-49ers Sunday Night Football Game, Randy Moss introduced his school as ‘Rand University,’ referring to a 7-Eleven in his hometown of Rand, West Virginia.

Although Moss attended Florida State University for a year before transferring to Marshall University, he went with the introduction that would be a lot more memorable.

Here’s the story behind Randy Moss and Rand University via The Boston Globe:

“Growing up in a low-income area, the one thing we had was a 7-Eleven,” explained Moss’s business manager and one of his closest friends, Donnie “Blue” Jones. “We’ve had all-state athletes here, but because of the environment in which they grew up, people in the community would say, ‘It doesn’t matter. He isn’t going anywhere but Rand University.’

“I was an all-state football player, but when they said that to me, what they meant was that when I was done with high school, I’d be standing at the 7-Eleven drinking a cold beer. That’s the university. I graduated from there.”

School colors: Green, orange, and white.

“When Randy pays homage to that,” Jones explained, “he’s basically saying, ‘I still have my eye on y’all.’ ”

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