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Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnorawski did an interview with CBS Chicago’s Mully and Grote, where the NBA Insider talked about the current Tom Thibodeau-Bulls front-office situation and the likely next head coach of the team – Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Wojnarowski said of the Bulls waiting to cut ties with Thibodeau. “It does feel very personal at this point for management to him. I cannot imagine a scenario where he’s back. The people around Fred Hoiberg believe very much he’ll be in Chicago before next season, and this thing now lingers until the organization makes a decision to move on.


There hasn’t really been any communication between Thibodeau and the organization. I know he reports to work there every day or virtually every day, and they prepare for the draft. I’m told Tom goes into the office and closes the door and, I assume, watches tape of something.”

[CBS Chicago]

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