VIDEO: Ken Griffey Jr. gives uncomfortable interview on SportsCenter

Ken Griffey Jr. gives uncomfortable interview with Linda Cohn on SportsCenter

You can tell from the video above that Ken Griffey Jr.’s favorite MLBer is Andrew McCutchen, and the 44-year-old wasn’t that pleased about being on SportsCenter Wednesday afternoon. As part of Upper Deck’s 25th anniversary, the baseball card company had Griffey on ESPN interviewed by Linda Cohn. Griffey Jr.¬†answered some Twitter questions, including who he thought was “the best all around player in the MLB”, and “the current outfielder who most resembles his playing style”, both of which Griffey answered- Andrew McCutchen.



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  1. Janet Coats
    March 6, 2014 - 

    Was there something wrong with Griffey Jr. during that interview? I felt bad for Linda Cohn as it was like pulling teeth to get him to answer and “looking uncomfortable” was an mild understatement he looked like a man who DID NOT WANT TO BE THERE!! I have never seen him like that as he is usually very outgoing and friendly with smiles and laughter and he just seemed like a man who wanted to be ANYWHERE other than where he was really sad to watch!

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