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Norwegian Hockey Player redefines post-game celebrations with epic dance

Narvik Hockey, or the Arctic Eagles, play in the second division in Norway’s professional hockey league.  After beating the Vikings 8-3, Narvik forward Adrian Alvarstein decided to give the fans a little treat.

Alvarstein had very obviously practice the moves before and he told that he had only shown them to his teammates in the locker room.  He also told, “I’m trying to get it out to all of Norway. When people hear the song, they should know that there is this dance that apply.”

Their head coach Magnus Skogfält joked with reporters saying, “I do not dance much myself, but [I promise] to practice it before the season is over.”

The song that was playing is DJ Contiez’s “Trumpsta,” and good luck to those of you that want to learn this dance.  It looks pretty complicated for a dance made for a specific song.  Either way, it’s safe to say that the fans in Narvik will be expecting a lot more during the post-game celebrations after this dance.

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