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Kazakhstani Hockey Team’s ‘firing squad’ post-game celebration

I have no idea how a team comes up with something like this, but Kazzinc Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk, a Kazakhstani ice hockey team that plays in the Russian Major League, decided to do it after their most recent victory.

According to their team website, players were sentenced “to death” for mistakes made during the game.

As a result, all those who did not fulfill the coaching setup, suffered “severe punishment.”

Spectators were pleased.

The player that carried out the executions was 24-year-old Yevgeni Rymarev.  It’s a good thing this didn’t happen in North America, particularly in the NHL, because Don Cherry would have a field day.  Especially after that grenade toss, we all remember how Ohio State reacted to that.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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