John Daly hit a tee shot out of a guy’s mouth


John Daly, ladies and gentlemen.

Daly epically hit a tee shot out of the mouth of a guy laying on the ground outside a Nashville bar parking lot over the weekend.  Daly tweeeted the following, “1st day/back outing tomorrow since surgery then back to work–Drive Off 2nite @ #Losers #Nashville #SteveFordMouth.” Partyin’ with Daly seems fun.

[Outkick the Coverage]

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  1. PatrickLA

    September 30, 2013 at

    I hope he got the ball back for a souvenir! BTW, where was he directing that shot?

  2. Michael J. Skalitzky

    September 30, 2013 at

    The guy laying on the ground must have a real pair or maybe just a little too much alcohol to allow this to happen.

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