Rutgers Football sends out awful recruiting letter -

Rutgers Football sends out awful recruiting letter

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It seems that a lot of College Football coaches are trying to one-up each other by sending out the worst letters or by sending out an obscene amount of letters at once.  The Rutgers Scarlet Knights staff seems intent on the former because this letter is just awful.

They sent a photo of a bodybuilder with defensive coordinator David Cohen’s face superimposed on it, to Athlete Noah Brown of Sparta, NJ.  The letter also said, “If you can’t beat me, join me! We want you…Come to Rutgers!!!”  I don’t know about Noah, but this is the type of letter that makes me cross your school of the list.

[Lost Lettermen]


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  1. A. Peter Ardito
    April 27, 2013 - 

    Is this the kind of underhanded negative recruiting we can expect for Michigan fans in the future? I’m really surprised at a B1G conference mate resorting to knocking another school to either score points with a recruit or try to negatively influence a recruit. I thought Michigan & the B1G had more class.

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