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NCAA Football

Refs miss clear touchdown for NC State, can’t overturn ruling

These Referees missed a clear touchdown for the NC State Wolfpack during the third quarter of their game against the Clemson Tigers on Thursday night.  NC State running back Bryan Underwood broke free on this jet sweep and took the ball 83-yards to the house.  Unfortunately for Underwood, he was ruled out of bounds and the play was never reviewed.

ESPN’s Rece Davis said that the official rule explanation is “that out-of-bounds calls outside the five-yard line can’t be reviewed.”  A very terrible rule and poor refereeing cost NC State a go-ahead touchdown that would have given the Wolfpack major momentum.  NC State never recovered and went on to win 26-14.  The only people that are happy about this blown call are the PAC-12 referees that screwed Wisconsin on Saturday, so the spotlight is no longer on them.


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