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Former OSU Player Dominic Clarke Tweets about Urban Meyer

Dominic Clarke was a top recruit for the Ohio State Buckeyes under head coach, Jim Tressel in 2009.  A Fredrick Maryland native, Clarke committed to play cornerback for the Buckeyes.  However, once Tressel resigned due to scandals in May 2011, Clarke was on a very thin ice with the new Buckeye coach, Urban Meyer.

In January, Dominic Clarke was kicked off the team for his two run ins with the law.  The first offense was a disorderly conduct charge, after allegedly discharging a BB gun on campus.  Then on January 7th, Clarke was charged with drunken driving.

Urban Meyer, responded by releasing Clarke and fellow teammate DerJaun Gambrell of their scholarships.

Meyer was later quoted saying, “What we’ll never do is say we’re going to make an example out of a kid.  That’s not going to happen.” “However, (Clarke) broke a team rule. I’m still getting the information.  I’m very, very disappointed because some things were covered in the team meeting.  They’ll be dealt with very swiftly and sternly at the appropriate time.”

Dominic Clarke’s tweet is most likely a response to OSU’s Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort’s recent arrest for public urination and initially running away from the police.  Stoneburner is ranked as the 3rd best tight end and Mewhort the 10th best OG in the 2013 NFL Draft.  It’s likely Meyer sticks to his words of not making an example out of Stoneburner or Mewhort and only slaps both of them on the wrist.

Meyer is probably hoping these two don’t have a second offense so he isn’t forced to deal with them the same way he did Clarke.  Based on Clarke’s tweet, he’s hoping to see Meyer squirm.

Update: Jack Mewhort and Jake Stoneburner have been suspended indefinitely from the Ohio State football team after their arrests according to the Toledo Blade.

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