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Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde released an article predicting when each of the remaining undefeated college football teams would lose their first game.  Of the forty undefeated remaining, Michigan is currently slated to face three opponents -Northwestern, Michigan State and Ohio State- and Forde predicts each team’s expiration will come in Ann Arbor.

Here’s what Forde wrote for Northwestern:

Expiration date: Oct. 10, at Michigan. Saturday the Wildcats play in the Big House, in front of roughly 75,000 more people than have seen them play at any point this season. First team to 10 may win this matchup of the best defenses in the conference – and that team will be the Wolverines.

Michigan State:

Expiration date: Oct. 17, at Michigan. If this comes to pass, the Mitten may lose its mind. But which team is playing better football at the moment? The Wolverines.

Ohio State:

Expiration date: Nov. 28, at Michigan. And if it comes to this, Lord have mercy on the scarlet and gray.

Read the entire list here.

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