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Top 25 College Football Uniforms For The 2014-15 Season

Deunta Williams, North Carolina

10. North Carolina Tar Heels– Taking a cue from the basketball team, the carolina blue uniforms with the stripe down the side is a classy look that allows you to appreciate the color of the uniform.  Sure there isn’t any flash, but who needs flash when they look this good? Their dark blue uniform isn’t something to be passed over either.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 11 Stanford at UCLA9. UCLA Bruins– What’s not to love? Their uniform numbers are a one of a kind, while their color scheme is almost second to none.  The subtle gold and white stripes on the home uniform do a great job of accenting the jersey. UCLA will wear these LA Steel uniforms this season.


8. Penn State Nittany Lions– The most plain uniforms currently in the game right now, and it’s always great to see a team bucking the trend and ignoring the flash that Nike, Adidas and Under Armour try to throw at them.  Especially with those all white road beauties.


7. Oregon Ducks– Oregon’s jerseys are very hit or miss.  Definitely not a fan of their away uniforms, but when it comes to the home jerseys, they have done well.  The highlighter top, with the black pants jumps out at you and forces you to take notice of them.  If their high-powered, high-octane offense hadn’t done that already.


6. Ohio State Buckeyes– These home uniforms are readily identifiable by almost any college football fan, especially when you look at the helmet.  Almost known more for their helmet stickers than the jersey itself, the Buckeye’s scarlet and gray were a lock for the top-10.

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