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Top 25 College Football Uniforms For The 2014-15 Season


20. Tennessee Volunteers– A fantastic road uniform, with an all white uniform and helmet.  The “T” is an iconic logo that uses simplistic design to its advantage. The Volunteer’s are another team that doesn’t mess around with crazy stripes or piping, and likes to keep it simple.

FSU New uniforms launched19. Florida State Seminoles– The Noles lucked out when the Seminole Tribe said that they could keep their name. Florida State unveiled their new uniforms back in April, and they’re pretty neat. .

UNLV Wisconsin18. Wisconsin Badgers– The all-white uniform works perfectly for the Badgers.  Their helmet blends well, and the all-white scheme allows for the oversized W on the helmet to shine; as it should.

Clemson Tigers17. Clemson Tigers-The Clemson Tigers have some of the greatest combinations to put together for their uniforms.  The orange and purple are very unique combo, and few things are as cool as seeing them in their solid orange, running down the hill into Death Valley after touching Howard’s Rock.

Oklahoma Football

16. Oklahoma Sooners– The all white Sooner jersey keeps things simple in a great sense, one of the few teams that can also pull off a rather plain look, with a superior color scheme and helmet. Unfortunately, Oklahoma will also be wearing a very ugly alternative uniforms this year.

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