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In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans, Brady Hoke discussed his hopes to land a ‘power 5’ job next year, what he meant when he said Jim Harbaugh should not have punted on 4th and 2, and things he could have done better during his tenure in Ann Arbor. Here was Hoke’s response:

A couple of things. The number one thing is that I take ownership for whatever we do as a football team. I have always been that way and was taught that way by my dad. I think the takeaway is, and you can see it with some of these guys who’ve gone into jobs with ready-made quarterbacks. The thing I know at the next opportunity, we will recruit quarterbacks. We are going to recruit and evaluate and have more options than we may need so that we can really find a guy who is going to be what you want within your offense. The year we took took Shane (Morris), we probably should have taken another quarterback. Not that we didn’t believe in Shane. Just for more numbers, more competition.

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