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Details Of Zach Smith’s Domestic Abuse Allegations Are Not A Good Look For OSU

The Zach Smith domestic assault allegations continue to get murkier. According to a report, court records are now disappearing:


Yahoo’s documentation of Smith’s behavior towards his ex-wife:

  • Cornering her while doing laundry and trying to push her into sex while their children waited in the car
  • Using a webcam to spy on the family in the house
  • Hacking into her emails, wi-fi and remote access of her laptop
  • Leaving a burner phone in her car
  • Using social media messaging to threaten men she dated
  • Refusing to follow the shared parenting plan from the divorce because he believed she was unable to pay an attorney to enforce it
  • Sneaking into her boyfriend’s backyard when the family was eating dinner
  • Using the children’s iPads to track the family during trips and threatening to follow them if he didn’t approve of the destination
  • Taking covert pictures of the family from a distance
  • Looking into and trying to enter the family’s home at 1:30 a.m. while intoxicated
  • Threatening to have her boyfriend fired from his job
  • Constant harassing and threatening text messages and phone calls when he was unhappy

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