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College Football’s Most Expensive Tickets For The 2014-15 Season

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 06 Alabama at LSUAuburn and Alabama could very likely be playing for a spot in the CFB playoff when the two meet in Tuscaloosa on November, 29th. According to Forbes, that game, which we ranked No.1 in our top games for the upcoming season, also takes the title for the most expensive college football game next season, with a median price of $535 dollars. The final Michigan-Notre Dame game comes up just behind in terms of cost.

Here’s a list of the top 10 median ticket prices for the 2014-15 college football season:

1. Auburn at Alabama: $535

2. Michigan at Notre Dame: $525

3. Alabama at LSU: $462

4. Michigan at Ohio State: $425

5. Texas at Oklahoma: $412

6. Florida at Alabama: $327

7. Clemson at Georgia: $325

8. LSU at Texas A&M: $319

9. Texas A&M at Alabama: $317

10. Auburn at Georgia: $304

Obviously the prices will continue to rise as these games get closer to kick-off, but over half-a-grand for a football ticket is pretty wild.

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College Football

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