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Arkansas fan makes awful Bret Bielema tribute video

Something about Arkansas Razorbacks fans and YouTube just doesn’t mix well.  This fan made a parody of “I’m a Believer” in honor of new Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema and called it “I’m a Bielemer.”  Not only is his voice and the tune being sung/hummed awful, his lyrics are pretty brutal too.

I thought wins were only true with Petrino
Didn’t think another coach could win
But then Long made this hire
And things are looking good
And soon the Hogs will win it like we should

Then I saw his face
Now I’m a Bielemer
Bielema will dominate
The SEC aaaaand Nick Saban
Everyone’s hatin’ on the Hogs

John L left the program in shambles
Not a win or good recruit in sight
But now Bret B has stepped in
And to Jeff Long said “yes”
And soon the Hogs will win the BCS


Ohhhhhhhh Bret B has stepped in
And to the Hogs said “yes”
And soon the Hogs will win the BCS


In 2014 the playoffs will start
And Bret will have the Hogs there you will see
Arkansas will be back
Just you wait and see
Hog fans throughout the world will sing with glee


I give him credit for trying, songwriting isn’t easy, but this was truly brutal to listen to.


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