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NCAA Basketball

St. Louis University Announcer confronted by Referee after criticizing a call

On Tuesday night late in the second half of St. Louis’ upset win over #24 VCU, there was a foul called that the St. Louis University announcer called “cheap.”  The Referee that made the call was within earshot of the announcer’s criticism and went over to confront him about it.  The radio broadcaster, Bob Ramsey, did a great job of handling the situation by telling him he wasn’t going to talk to him and that this was “101’s broadcast.”  Ramsey does the radio for St. Louis University Billekens on WXOS ESPN’s St. Louis affiliate.  I can’t believe that the Referee actually went over to him to confront him about the call, shouldn’t you be paying more attention to the game and not what radio broadcasters are saying?

[The Big Lead]

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