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Former NHL Enforcer Confesses To Robbing Two Banks In Quebec

Patrick Cote

Former NHL enforcer Patrick Cote played 105 games in the NHL over the course of six seasons with three NHL franchises (Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators and the Edmonton Oilers). Now, Cote has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after confessing to robbing two banks in the Quebec area.

CJAD 800 AM in Montreal had more details:

Cote caught the eye of police in May when the car he was driving broke down in Candiac. When the patrol officers realized the car had been reported stolen in Ontario, they took Cote to the station for questioning.

That’s when he admitted to investigators that he’d robbed a CIBC branch in Brossard in May and a Laurentian Bank in Saint Constant a few days later.

Cote has been in trouble with the law before. In 2002, he was arrested in New York after police found 30 pounds of marijuana in his car. He plead guilty to a lesser charge and subsequently violated his parole twice. Cote also has an armed assault on a his record. To be honest, given his history, I’m surprised it was only a 30-month sentence.

Cote was drafted 37th overall by the Dallas Stars in 1995 and finished with a total of 3 career points and 377 penalty minutes.

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