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Ernests Gulbis Confuses Umpires With Vampires In Hilarious Mixup

This might be the best mixup during a press conference in years and I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more with certain language barriers. After beating Jurgen Zopp at Wimbledon, Ernests Gulbis had a weird/interesting conversation with a reporter about umpires. But, what Gulbis had thought he heard was “vampires.” His reaction when he finally realized what the question was originally about was pricelss.

From NESN:

“Get rid of vampires?” Gulbis replied. Gulbis went with it beautifully, responding for approximately a minute about his honest take on the question before he finally realized this wasn’t about “Twilight” at all. “Get rid of umpires? My God I thought something else. I thought vampires,” Gulbis said with a laugh. “Vampires in the way that people who are surrounding and sucking the energy out of players. That’s what I meant. Umpires. That would be a better comparison. Umpires? No. Without umpires it wouldn’t work.”


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