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NCAA Basketball

Andrew Wiggins’ Sport Science Athletically Compares Him to CP3 and LeBron

In case you’re not sold on Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, take a look at what ESPN’s Sport Science found out about the 19-year-old Ontario native.

  1. Length – though he is 6’8″, he has a stride of 8′, a full foot longer than Kevin Durant’s (7′).  Allows him to take the ball from outside the 3pt line to the basket in 2 steps.  He tops 20 MPH when he floors it.  This top speed is similar to Chris Paul.
  2. Leaping Ability – 7′ wingspan and 40+ inch vertical allows him to catch the ball more than 2′ above the rim.  This gives him a range of more than 3900 cubic feet.  This is on par with Lebron James and 8% greater than the average NBA center.
  3. Body Control – While airborne he rotates his shoulders 90 degrees in <.20 seconds.  Also, while making minor course changes he can still impart optimal spin (>600 degrees/sec) on the ball.


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