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Adam Schefter takes shot at Brandon Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer

Adam schefter trying to catch passNews broke last night that free-agent cornerback, Brandon Browner, had signed with the New England Patriots, according to’s Ian Rapoport:

Adam Schefter, however, had conflicting reports about the Patriots-Browner deal:

Then there was a Twitter stand off between Rapoport and Schefter:

Things got even more interesting with Peter Schaffer, Browner’s agent, saying that he just wants to play hockey, and didn’t want to have to answer questions about his client via PFT:

“It’s 100 percent untrue,” agent Peter Schaffer told PFT by phone, moments after the report landed on Twitter. “I’ve got four teams to negotiate with. I’ve got irresponsible journalists who don’t check their facts putting this stuff out there, and my phone is blowing up when I’m trying to play hockey… “I’ve got very little patience for irresponsible journalists who put this stuff out and ruin my night,” Schaffer said. “My phone is going nuts. I just wanna play hockey.”

Today ESPN’s Adam Schefter took a slight jab at Schaffer for playing in his hockey league while his client was trying to ink up a deal:

Looks like there never was a deal in-place, as Browner’s visiting Washington, according to Schefter:

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