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Chicago Billboard says loser of USA-Canada must keep Justin Bieber

Bieber Billboard

The idea that the loser of the USA-Canada semifinal hockey game on Friday isn’t a new concept, but to pay money for it and put Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on a billboard with it is next level.

DNAinfo Chicago explains the billboard:

Command Transportation owner Danny Zamost said it’s the first time his company had put Bieber on its electronic billboard. In the past, the billboard has featured the Bulls’ Joakim Noah spraying Heat star LeBron James with a fire extinguisher and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler smoking a cigarette.

“We try to keep this low-key,” said another executive, who wished to remain anonymous. “We just have fun. We don’t use the sign other than to have fun.”

Now if only they could actually make this happen.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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