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College Hockey line brawl results in 160 penalty minutes

On Saturday the Ferris State Bulldogs and the Minnesota State-Mankato Mavericks let the tension boil over into a line brawl. Nineteen seconds after MSU scored a powerplay goal to put them up 4-2, a scrum developed into a whole lot more. Each player on the ice squared off, though many kept their helmets and gloves on, and there was even a goalie fight tease. Three players were ejected and the two teams racked up 160 penalty minutes to create this ridiculous box score:

College Hockey Line Brawl

The ejections/game disqualifications carry a one-game suspension, which is why many of the guys tried to keep their helmets and gloves on. Ferris State goalie C.J. Motte managed to rack up 25 PIMs as MSU completed the sweep of Ferris State with a 4-3 win.

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