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Jonas Gustavsson submits his save of the year candidate

Detroit Red Wings goalie Jonas Gustavsson got the start against his former team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, on Saturday night and showed off the skills that gave him the nickname “The Monster.”  Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf was absolutely robbed on this paddle-save from Gustavsson, and Phaneuf actually celebrated thinking it went in, like many of the fans in the Air Canada Center.  I still can’t believe that Gustavsson was able to get his paddle on the puck and keep it out of the net.  Even if he gets his stick there, you tend to assume that the puck would just deflect off it and go in since it was moving so fast.  It takes some serious strength and athleticism to deflect that puck away from the net.

[Vine via: The Roar 24]

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