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Rangers and Blackhawks reveal terrible Stadium Series Uniforms

The New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks revealed their Stadium Series uniforms for their respective outdoor games and they are not good.  At least the Rangers had a hysterical video for their jersey reveal, because that’s about the only thing that’s good about it.  The dark blue in place of the normal Rangers blue is not a good look, nor is the “chrome” letters on the front.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.26.35 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.27.04 PM

The Blackhawks regular jersey’s are one of the best jerseys in hockey and this stadium series jersey is terrible. I don’t understand why everything has a chrome/shimmery logo and the cut of the jersey (not straight along the bottom) looks awful. Reebok has whiffed pretty hard this year with the Stadium Series jerseys.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 5.28.41 PM


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