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Brutal missed goal in overtime of Sharks-Sabres game

The San Jose Sharks and Buffalo Sabres were in an intense overtime game when it appeared that the puck crossed the line in overtime.  Sharks forward Tommy Wingels celebrated like they had scored, but the referee waived it off.  Because the referee never saw anything he thought would be questionable, he never went to have the goal reviewed by the NHL’s crew in Toronto.  The Sharks coaches never demanded they review the play and the Sabres went on to beat the Sharks in a shootout.  The Sharks were absolutely robbed of a point and it will be interesting to see what the NHL says about this.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.56.53 AM A review would have shown that this puck was in as clear as day.


No the referee did not blow the whistle or have “intent” to blow the whistle prior to the puck going in.


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