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Panthers’ Tim Thomas unveils worst goalie helmet ever

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 4.42.10 PM

I used to believe that no goalie would ever be able to wear a helmet that was worse than former Detroit Red Wings netminder Chris Osgood.  Dominik Hasek was always pretty close, but he at least had some cool paint jobs.  No paint job could possibly save Florida Panthers goalie Tim Thomas’ new helmet.  This thing looks like the love child of a goalie helmet and a player helmet that had the worst cage ever.  This thing is an atrocity to the game.  The Itech neck protector looks like it is from 1985, and no brutal helmet is complete without a Bauer cage.  As long as Timmy stops the puck, no Panthers fans will care what he is wearing, but this is some flat out brutal style.

Osgood’s helmet is on the left and Hasek’s is on the right for comparison.

[Florida Panthers]

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