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Oregon Ducks fan leaves ridiculous voicemail ripping Ducks’ pink helmets

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This is one of those things that you have to listen to or you might not believe it’s real.  An anonymous Oregon Ducks fan called Rob Moseley, the editor of the school’s athletics website,, on Friday and left this absurd voicemail.  Some of the classic quotes include:

“Now they’re going to politicize and feminize the game of football?” the caller asks. “I mean, it’s so stupid, Rob. We watch the Saturday games to get away from that crap, sir. Seriously, we do. It’s an escape for all that political and all that feminization and all that crap that we’re fed all week long. That’s the reason we watch the game of football. And now they’re bringing it into the game of college football.”


“I’m sure that most of those kids, if they’re normal males on that football team, they probably resent having to wear pink helmets and pink shoes,” the caller said. “There’s no place in football for that.”

I wasn’t aware that supporting Breast Cancer Awareness had no place in football and that wearing pink automatically promoted feminism.  Never mind the fact that 25 of the helmets are being auctioned off to donate money to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.  Some people just don’t have a clue.


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