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Texas Longhorns’ Daje Johnson’s amazing punt return TD and better celebration

With a 10-point lead halfway through the 3rd quarter, the Texas Longhorns defense made a great stop and forced the Oklahoma Sooners to punt.  Longhorns wide receiver Daje Johnson set up for a return and blew past every Sooner on the field for a fantastic 85-yard punt return touchdown.  The Sooners’ punter made a brutal effort to try and stop Johnson and it was quite comical how he just waved at Johnson.

When Johnson got to the end zone, he busted out a fantastic celebration, acting like his feet were on fire and he was trying to put them out.  I was shocked he wasn’t flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct, and I’m sure Sooners fans were upset that he wasn’t.  This touchdown was the nail in the coffin for the Sooners, who went out to lose in the Red River Shootout 36-20.

[Video via: ESPN] [GIF via: @cjzero]

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