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Woman goes streaking during the President’s Cup, evades Police

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During the final day of the President’s Cup, a woman went streaking while Steve Stricker and Ernie Els were playing their match.  Apparently the streaker may have been a tribute for Steve Stricker, according to a report from Stephanie Wei:

“She was after Steve,” said [Ernie Els], after beating Stricker 1 up, smiling. “We both looked the other way.” … Stricker, with his wife Nicki standing next to him said, “She was yelling, ‘Streaking for Stricker.’” Understandably, Mrs. Stricker shook her head, though she seemed slightly amused, as well.

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It also appears that the woman was not only not identified, but she evaded capture by the police.

The streaker, a woman, was not immediately identified. Fans on the grounds said the woman ran all the way up the 18th fairway a little after 2 p.m. ET, evading police trying to catch her. She may well have completely escaped legal troubles.

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Streaking is definitely rare at a golf tournament and I don’t imagine one will be seen again for a while.  The US went on to win the President’s Cup over the International team 18 1/2 to 15 1/2.

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