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Jimmy Howard’s new goalie mask has nipples on it

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 3.46.20 PM

Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard has always had his goalie mask dedicated to the city of Detroit in some way.  This year, he had the Detroit Spirit Statue put on his mask, holding up the city of Detroit.  No doubt this is a great gesture, but the amount of detail on the mask looks incredibly strange, especially because the mask has nipples on it.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 3.46.44 PMPerhaps he should have mixed in the Joe Louis Fist in there to balance things out on the sides of the mask.  Either way, the best part of this mask is the back.  The American flag waving looks fantastic, with “Hockeytown” going across the back and the “J I.V.” is a great dedication to his son.

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